Feature Requests

Want to influence the future of Store? We need your help! There are literally hundreds of features we could add to Store, but want to work on those which will benefit the greatest number of people.

By voting for the features you would most like to see in Store, you will help us identify the most important features, and directly contribute to what we work on next. You can vote on as many features as you like.

Subscriptions / Recurring Payments
Create products with recurring charges. Securely store credit cards with your payment gateway and automatically bill customers, or email them the invoice for later payment.
Gift Certificates
Allow gift certificates to be sold in your Store, then later redeemed at the checkout.
Member Group Pricing
Set the base price of each product separately for each member group, directly from the publish page.
Dynamic Product Suggestions
A tag to automatically create "customers who purchased this product also purchased" functionality.
Accept Credit Card Payments from the Control Panel
Currently, credit cards can only be processed on the front end. This feature would allow credit card details to be taken over the phone (for example), and entered into the control panel for existing orders.
Shipping Zones
Allow countries or regions to be grouped into "zones". Shipping rules could then be applied to these zones, to save adding shipping rules for each country/region separately when many countries or regions have the same pricing.
Global Product Variations
Ability to create product variations (size, color etc) which apply to all products, instead of needing to add them on a per-entry basis. Note this can already be done with text modifiers, but this feature would allow price changes to be incorporated as well.
Multiple Currency Support
Allow all prices to be entered in multiple currencies (including product prices, modifier prices, shipping & handling costs etc). Alternatively, missing prices could be calculated using daily conversion rates. Note that your payment processer would need to also support multiple currencies (which few do).
QuickBooks Integration
Automatically export invoices, and synchronize inventory levels with the QuickBooks accounting software.
Profile:Edit Integration
Allow Profile:Edit member profile fields to be loaded and saved the same way standard member fields are currently.
DevDemon Credits Support
Allow credits to be earned or spent in your Store.
Licence codes
For each instance of a product in an order, generate a licence code
Data Import / Export
Add a native solution for importing/exporting orders and products from Store.
Create/Edit Orders from the Control Panel
Ability to create orders from within the control panel, or edit order details (name, address, items) after they have been placed.
Xero Integration
Automatically export invoices, and synchronize inventory levels with the Xero accounting software.
Multiple Language Support
Currently Store does not play nice with any of the multi-language plugins (Transcribe, Publisher etc). It is possible to create multi-language sites, but it requires either entering duplicate prices for each product, or not translating product modifiers. This feature would make it easy to build multi-language sites using Store.
Wish List / Gift Registry
Currently, gift registries can be created using third party add-ons such as Solspace Favorites. However, products are not automatically removed from the registry when they are purchased. This feature would create a gift registry integrated with Store.
Maximum Order Quantity
As well as the existing minimum order quantity for each product, add a corresponding maximum order quantity.
More Flexible Custom Order Fields
Currently orders can have up to 9 custom text fields. This would allow you to add as many custom fields as you like, using any supported EE custom field type.
Product Permissions
Ability to restrict the purchase of individual products to only specific member groups.
Global Discounts Complete!
Ability to create sales which would apply a percent discount to all products in a category, or all products based on member group.
Register Member During Checkout Complete!
Add the ability to create member accounts during checkout, without needing a separate registration step.
Send Multiple Emails on Status Update Complete!
Currently only one email template can be sent when the order is placed, or when the order status changes (though it can be BCC'd to the admin). This feature would allow multiple emails to be sent on an order status change.
Specify Tax-Inclusive Prices Complete!
Currently all prices in the control panel must be entered ex-tax. This feature would allow prices to be entered including tax, and the pre-tax price would be calculated automatically.
Separate first name and last name entry fields Complete!
Currently the billing_name and shipping_name fields hold both the first name and last name. This feature would optionally split them out into billing_first_name and billing_last_name for more flexible templating.
Multiple Add To Cart Form Complete!
Currently the product form only allows adding a single product to the cart at once. This feature would allow a single page "order form" with quantity inputs for many different products.
Product Category Based Taxes Complete!
Currently taxes apply to all items. This feature would allow taxes to limited to certain categories of product, and allow multiple taxes to apply to each order.
Zoo Visitor Integration Complete!
Allow Zoo Visitor member profile fields to be loaded and saved the same way standard member fields are currently.
View & Filter Customers in the Control Panel Complete!
Currently, you can only filter the Store CP Orders page by customer, or browse site members database in EE. This feature would add a new Store > Customers menu item, which would allow you to view and filter through all customers (including those who placed anonymous orders), then click on a customer to see their order history.

Want to suggest something not on the list? Simply head on over to our support portal and let us know!