CX Disqus and RSVP are now open source!

26th January, 2013

Today we’re releasing two of our add-ons as open source: RSVP and CX Disqus Comments.

Both of these add-ons were created for our own client sites, and have been used on countless other sites since then. However, both add-ons have seen only minor updates and bug fixes over the past couple of years, and are at a point where they could benefit from some community involvement. By releasing these as open source, we are opening them up to a larger number of users (including smaller and non-commercial sites which don’t have a large add-on budget), and allowing the community to step up and extend them for any purpose.

In particular, CX Disqus Comments needs some love to get it to play nicely with the new Disqus API, as Disqus have deprecated the API originally used to develop this add-on. While we don’t currently have the resources to redevelop this add-on using the new API, our existing code will hopefully be a great starting point for anyone wishing to take on this project.

So what are you waiting for? Get forking!

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