At last, an e-commerce system for ExpressionEngine that gets the mix right.
Trusted and loved by top ExpressionEngine professionals and their clients.

So, what makes Store so awesome?

Products are channel entries

Any experienced EE developer will appreciate the importance of this. The 'Store' fieldtype effortlessly allows complex configurable products

Intuitive control panel

Comprehensive order and inventory management system at your fingertips. Your clients will love you.

Easy to template

Store was designed with developers in mind. We've adopted what we feel is the most logical, easy-to-learn templating system in an e-commerce product yet. For most applications, you need only learn 3-4 tags!


Use our built-in, exportable order, sales and inventory reports, or template your own!

Order management

Design your own order workflow, with custom order statuses (separate to payment statuses) being linked to custom email templates!

Proven & reliable

Despite being released less than a year ago, Expresso Store is already used on hundreds of online stores worldwide, many processing tens of thousands of dollars in orders every day.

100% guarantee!

That's right, we're so confident you'll love Store, we provide a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Beat that!

Top-notch support

Our support is second to none, just ask any of our customers

Active development

We're committed to making Store the best it can be, and aim for a 4-8 week release cycle. What's more, we already have a number of third party developers building add-ons for Store!

Still Not Convinced? Check out all these great features!


  • Stored as EE entries, with a fieldtype to store details. This gives EE’s full flexibility to design the products channel in any way you want
  • Full SafeCracker compatibility - users can add products through your front-end
  • Inventory page in control panel so administrator can quickly see all products in their store, modify prices and stock levels
  • Complex variations. A product modifier can either contribute to the matrix, creating a separate SKU for each combination (eg if you have size and color for t-shirts), or just modify the product (such as selecting a colour for a car), or be a custom value, entered by the customer (such as custom embroidery on a cap). Each modifier (except text inputs) can have an optional price modifier. Alternatively, you can template your own custom modifiers.
  • Stock tracking - you can turn on stock tracking for any specific SKU. This allows per-variation stock control
  • Support for secure downloadable products - downloads can be stored in standard EE file fields (or any 3rd party fieldtype you wish).
  • Add multiple products to cart with a single button
  • Search products by price range
  • Add per-product handling charges, or mark products to have free shipping
  • Easily accept donations by enabling dynamic product pricing
  • Template products to include or exclude tax
  • Products can be on sale, with an optional start date and end date

Control Panel

  • Dashboard - showing interactive sales graph and recent orders
  • Orders - displays full order history, with AJAX search. Searchable and sortable by a range of criteria. Orders can be deleted and statuses can be changed in bulk. Clicking on an order gives an instant slide-out order summary.
  • Order detail - Displays full details of an order, including the ability to export, change status, add payments, and view entire status history.
  • Inventory - ajax search and sort showing all products and SKUs. Fields to quickly edit pricing and stock levels
  • Reports - a range of exportable reports
  • Settings - edit general and security settings, add and edit email templates, order fields, order statuses, countries/regions, shipping methods, payment methods, tax rates, discount codes.
  • The fieldtype - edit pricing, shipping, product variations, sku & stock levels. AJAX-powered SKU matrix dynamically updates based on variations.
  • Automatic menu tab for easy navigation between the above sections
  • No distracting branding or styles - fits seamlessly into the EE control panel. Your clients will think it's part of ExpressionEngine!


  • Template products to include tax (common in Australia and New Zealand) or exclude it.
  • Enter different tax rates for different countries/regions
  • Products can be marked as tax-free


  • SSL - support for secure https pages
  • Optionally restrict access to sections of the control panel to different user groups


  • Comprehensive order management interface built-in to the control panel
  • Modify completed orders after checkout for easy order management.
  • AJAX-driven order filter lets you search orders as you type
  • Customizable order emails - email templates can include any order data, as well as standard EE tags, snippets and conditionals
  • Custom order statuses - create your own order statuses, and link each to an email template.
  • Custom messages can be added with each status change (such as order tracking numbers), and all status changes are logged.
  • Save order details to member profile fields
  • Exportable order details page, including all order details, status history, payment history, plus the ability to add manual payments and capture pre-auth'd payments
  • Orders can either be restricted to members only, or allow anonymous customers
  • Customers can securely view their order details without logging in
  • Custom order fields available


  • Interactive sales graph on dashboard
  • Orders report - shows all order data, filterable by order status and date range
  • Total sales - shows orders summaries including products purchased, filterable by date
  • Products sold - all products sold over a specific date range, with a custom sort order
  • Inventory - shows current stock levels and value
  • All reports can be exported as CSV or PDF, or viewed on screen


  • Example templates, so you can get up & running in minutes
  • Simple & intuitive templating language. In most cases, you'll only need a few tags (exp:store:product, exp:store:cart, exp:store:checkout and exp:store:orders) to build a fully-featured online store.
  • Extremely easy installation, just add the Store fieldtype to your products channel and you're good to go!
  • Well documented, with examples
  • If you get stuck, we're here to help. Top-notch support provided free to all our customers.
  • A range of extension hooks are provided allowing developers to extend Expresso Store in many ways. You can find the full list of extension hooks here.


  • Create unlimited custom email templates
  • Every status change can be linked to an email template which gets sent to the customer
  • A custom message can be added with every status change, for example an order tracking number, which in turn can be templated in an email
  • Email templates can include any EE template tags or order variables
  • Each email template can be copied to administrators


  • Powerful, extendable payment processing library, with support for manual payments, authorize and capture, and processing refunds directly from the control panel. Based on the open source Omnipay library.
    • Authorize.Net AIM
    • Authorize.Net SIM
    • Buckaroo iDeal
    • Buckaroo PayPal
    • CardSave
    • Coinbase
    • Dummy
    • eWay Rapid 3.0
    • First Data Connect
    • GoCardless
    • Manual
    • MIGS 3-Party
    • MIGS 2-Party
    • Mollie
    • Netaxept
    • NetBanx
    • Ogone e-Commerce
    • PayFast
    • Payflow
    • PaymentExpress PxPay
    • PaymentExpress PxPost
    • PayPal Express
    • PayPal Pro
    • Pin
    • Sage Pay Direct
    • Sage Pay Server
    • SecurePay Direct Post
    • Stripe
    • TargetPay DIrectebanking
    • TargetPay iDEAL
    • TargetPay MrCash
    • 2Checkout
    • WorldPay

    For a complete list of supported gateways, see the payment gateway documentation.


  • Create your own shipping rate matrix. Create rules based on country, region, postcode, order quantity, order total or order weight, and then apply custom rates. Rates can be a base rate, per-item rate, per kg (weight) rate or percentage of the order total, and a minimum and maximum rate can optionally be set.
  • UPS shipping module
  • USPS shipping module
  • FedEx shipping module
  • Australia Post shipping module
  • A discount code can give free shipping
  • Add per-product handling charges, or mark products to have free shipping
  • Countries / Regions - optionally define which countries/regions are available in your store. This will automatically generate dynamic dropdowns on your checkout page. You can set a default country/region which will enable shipping/tax to be calculated before the customer has selected their location.


  • VZ Buyers by Eli Van Zoeren - A fieldtype which displays a list of people who have bought each product, useful for event registrations
  • Store : Quotations by Percipio - This addon extends Exp:resso Store and allows you to create, manage and send quotes direct to your customers from inside the control panel.
  • Store : Custom Inventory Columns by Percipio - This extension adds the ability to add / remove columns to the Inventory page, including SKU code and Entry Date. Adding the SKU column also allows you to search by SKU code in the keywords box. You can now sort your inventory by SKU & Date too.
  • Store: Bulk Discount by A&M Impact - A very happy Store user but really need bulk discounts? This add-on will make that work!


  • Add per-product sale pricing, with optional on-sale dates
  • Create discount codes - can be restricted by use limit, date, per-user limit or member group, and can apply a fixed or percentage discount, or give free shipping


  • Customers do not have to be logged in or create an account to purchase
  • All order data can be saved to EE member profile fields
  • Optionally automatically register members during checkout