Store 2.0 Released!

30th September, 2013

After nearly 9 months of development, Store 2 is now available.

We’ve been working hard at Expresso this year, and are excited to finally announce the best thing since sliced PSDs… Store 2.0!

Along with our brand spanking new website, Store 2 was released on September 9. Since then, hundreds of people have already downloaded it, and we’ve had some really positive feedback from our amazing customers (and we’ve even squashed a few bugs since then too!).

Grab your copy today!

Store 2 is nearly a complete rewrite (though we’ve done our best to make sure your existing templates remain 100% compatible). The biggest new features are:

  • All new payments system, based on the open source Omnipay library
  • All new (and much more powerful) shipping system
  • All new global sales and flexible discounts system
  • All new (and more flexible) tax system

Along with these great features, we’ve addressed some of our long standing feature requests:

  • SKUs are no longer mandatory
  • Separate first name and last name order fields
  • Ability to trigger multiple email templates at once
  • First class support for customer-entered prices (e.g. donations)

Read the full release notes here

To support all the work we’ve done so far, and our ongoing development, Store 2 is a paid upgrade ($199 - 33% off a full license). To upgrade, simply visit your account page and click “Purchase Upgrade” (or if you purchased via Devot:ee, email [email protected] for an upgrade code).

If you’re not ready to upgrade though, never fear! We will be fully supporting the Store 1.6 branch (as well as releasing security and bug fixes) for at least the next 12 months.