Store 2.2 Released

19th January, 2014

Hot on the heels of last month’s Store 2.1 release, we’re proud to announce the next major release of Store is already upon us!

The major changes in 2.2 are:

  • ExpressionEngine 2.7+ is now required
  • New billing_company and shipping_company fields for orders
  • Increased maximum length of postcode and phone fields for orders
  • New discount variables in the checkout and order tags
  • Improved handling of XIDs in AJAX form submissions when secure forms is enabled
  • Fixed some off-site payment gateway issues when secure forms is enabled
  • Percentage-based sales are now applied to price modifiers as well as the base product price
  • Basic support for exporting entries via the Entry API add-on

As well as these new features, we’ve also added some minor features and fixed a bunch of bugs. As always, check out the release notes for full details.

We know there are many more features on our feature requests page which you’d love us to work on. We’re already planning what will be included in Store 2.3 and beyond, so if you haven’t already done so, remember to vote on features so we know what to work on next!