Foster Made Acquires Expresso Store

13th January, 2019

We are excited to announce that Foster Made has acquired Expresso Store!

Foster Made’s history with ExpressionEngine dates back to 2007 when they launched eecoder, an ExpressionEngine development service that powered the development of sites for creative agencies across the globe. After many thoughtful conversations, Foster Made agreed that taking the proverbial torch for Expresso Store from Vector Media Group (now Happy Cog) was the best way to achieve their goals while supporting existing and future clients and the EE community at large. You can read more about Foster Made and the acquisition here.

We are working hard to make sure the transition will be as seamless as possible for all customers, and support will still be handled through the normal Expresso Store support channels.

We’re also very excited about the future of commerce with EE (and we hope you are too!), and we look forward to sharing more about our plans and updates for Expresso Store over the coming months.